Quick Tip: Paul Goodison’s advice for improving Boat Handling


Want to improve your boat handling?

Here’s a quick tip from Paul Goodison. Olympic Gold Medalist in the Laser dinghy (or should I say ILCA)?

Over to you Paul…

“Boat handling is the one area where everybody is capable of doing well; it is all about practice and keeping sharp.

I try to break down each manoeuvre into several sections so that it is easier to analyse. For example, a leeward mark rounding would be split into entry, transition and exit. Each one of these areas can then be broken down further. It is important to master the first stage before trying to perfect the next stage, as an error early in the manoeuvre may affect the end.

There is no better way to train than just repeating the manoeuvres until they are perfect. Try to be very critical when things aren’t quite right, and aim for perfection. Each small gain in boat handling leads to a much bigger gain on the race course; everybody will make small mistakes, so it’s all about trying to minimise these errors.”


This is an extract from Coach Yourself to Win written by gold medal winning coach and 4 times world champion in his own right, Jon Emmett. It takes you through the 12 fundamental elements of successful sailing.

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