Definition: Did not sail the course. New definition added in the RRS 2021 update.


A5.1 gives a race committee the ability to assign a boat a score of NSC (did not sail the course) without a hearing. Previously the race committee had to finish them, then protest the boat in question, or rely on another competitor to protest. Now the onus is on the competitor to request redress if they believe an NSC score is incorrect.


This is a favourable change for club racing where no one wants to hang around for protests.


However, it may be quite hard for a boat scored NSC to provide evidence in a redress hearing that they sailed the course.


There is also the question of whether NSC could only be assigned if the race committee witnessed it first hand. Could the race committee assign this score based on a report from a support person or other competitors?


My view is that the race committee must have first-hand knowledge of the failure to sail the course, just as it requires first-hand knowledge of failing to start or finish.


There is always the possibility of false allegations made from fellow competitors.


The NSC score might possibly be also used when a boat clearly leaves the course without notifying the RC that they are retiring.


Sail the course definition:

A boat sails the course provided that a string representing her track from the time she begins to approach the starting line from its prestart side to start until she finishes, when drawn taut,

(a) passes each mark of the course for the race on the required side and in the correct order,

(b) touches each mark designated in the sailing instructions to be a rounding mark, and

(c) passes between the marks of a gate from the direction of the course from the previous mark.

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