Online Dinghy Coaching: For Anyone, From Anywhere


Take your sailing skills to the next level with professional dinghy coaching online. Whatever your ability, location or budget we have something for you.

Over the last decade, things we never thought would go digital have done. Including education. However, there is no one doing online dinghy coaching (until now)!


Virtual Dinghy Coaching

1-1 Coaching via your preferred video calling technology. The most underrated aspect of coaching is accountability. Regular check-ins with a coach helps keep you consistently improving. The good thing is that a coach can hold you accountable from anywhere in the world.

Traditionally only Youth & Pro sailors get briefs & debriefs. Now anyone can by starting online coaching sessions. You’ll receive regular video briefs and debriefs targeted to your needs. Email us to find out more.

Standard coaching sessions will be conducted once weekly via Zoom (ideally soon after sailing).

  • ‚ÄčAnalyse your last race (using self-analysis and/or videocam footage)
  • Identify key areas for improvement
  • Set goals for your next sailing session
  • Agree on how to achieve those goals (training exercises, suggested reading, & scheduling the time to do the exercise & learning).

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Sailing Online Course

The Essential of Dinghy Racing

Learn all you need to know to become a competent & competitive dinghy racer. This course is designed for people who know how to sail but want to learn to sail well. We’ll go over everything you need to know to be 80% as good as the best sailors at your club. That might sound like an ambitious aim but it’s not as hard as you imagine.


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Meet Your Coach

John Brooker

Sailing online dinghy coaching

Based in the UK, John has sailed many classes over his sailing life. After his time on the British Sailing Team he qualified as a dinghy coach. He has experience coaching sailors or all ages in many different classes. Get in touch with John here.


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