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Cloyd Adams
Cloyd Adams

I’ve been deeply involved in sailing for a considerable portion of my life, starting with humble beginnings in Optimists, then progressing to Cadets.

To be honest, my initial experiences weren’t exactly smooth sailing – enduring a frosty winter season cramped in a Cadet, often trailing behind in races, left me questioning if sailing was truly my calling. So, I bid adieu to the waves and embraced Sundays filled with soccer matches instead.

However, fate had a different plan in store for me. Several years later, much to my reluctance, my father enrolled me in a summer sailing course. This time, I opted for a Laser 4.7. My debut training session with the 4.7 group left me thoroughly drenched from numerous capsizes, with one particularly memorable incident involving an unexpected encounter with the coach boat – a moment to chuckle about in hindsight! Despite the challenges, there was an undeniable thrill and sense of liberation that came with sailing the 4.7, outweighing any reservations I had. The camaraderie within the group was unparalleled, fostering an environment that ignited my passion for racing.

Alongside competing, I found joy in sharing my knowledge by becoming a Dinghy Instructor in 2010. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of guiding numerous weeklong courses, each experience leaving me enriched and fulfilled.

In 2012, a desire to delve into Paralympic sailing led me to seek guidance from renowned coach Matt Grier. Following our discussion, I had the opportunity to familiarize myself with the 2.4mR, generously loaned to me by the local Sailing Club. Despite some initial mishaps – including an eventful national ranker characterized by tumultuous weather and a sinking boat – I persevered. Competing against formidable opponents only fueled my determination. The pinnacle of my journey came during the 2014 event, where I found myself among esteemed sailors. Though an unfortunate mishap forced me to withdraw prematurely, the experience of rubbing shoulders with sailing legends left an indelible mark.

The year 2015 marked a turning point in my sailing journey, marked by improvements spurred by a change in boat and invaluable advice from seasoned 2.4mR sailors. This culminated in a commendable finish at the 2.4mR inland national championship. Witnessing a historic Olympic triumph further fueled my aspirations, propelling me to secure a spot in the Paralympic Transitional Squad that fall, setting the stage for a year filled with rigorous training camps and personal growth.