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Yacht Interior Design

In the world of yacht interior design, there are always new features and trends to watch out for. Every year brings a fresh wave of aesthetics to transform the mood and atmosphere of yachts. From sustainable and eco-friendly furnishings to the latest in upholstery and wooden accents, the largest superyachts are always on the lookout for the next big thing.

One of the most exciting trends to note is the move towards sustainable and eco-friendly design. Yachts are now incorporating recycled materials, eco-friendly upholstery, and wooden surfaces to make a statement without sacrificing beauty. This trend has been gaining popularity over the past few years and is expected to continue to grow.

Another key trend in yacht interior design is the focus on creating a welcoming and luxurious atmosphere for guests. Designers are incorporating textured fabrics, brushed metal accents, and statement lighting to create a warm and inviting space for guests to relax and enjoy their time on board.

One of the key features of the latest yacht interior designs is the use of technology to enhance the guest experience. From touchscreen controls to interactive screens, yachts are incorporating the latest in technology to make guests feel at home and in control of their environment.

Whether you’re looking for a wooden foredeck, a creative model room, or a series of unique and statement-making rooms, the latest yacht interior design trends have something for everyone. With a focus on sustainability, luxury, and comfort, the newest designs are sure to impress even the most discerning yachting enthusiasts.

Luxury Materials

When it comes to yacht interior design trends, one key aspect that designers are focusing on is the use of luxury materials to create a truly opulent and luxurious feel on board.

Yachts today are no longer just vessels for transportation on the water; they are seen as floating works of art and statements of wealth and luxury. As a result, yacht designers are always looking for ways to incorporate the most luxurious materials into their designs to ensure that every inch of the yacht exudes elegance and sophistication.

Some of the most popular luxury materials being used in yacht interior designs include brushed finishes, textured wood, sustainable timber, and fine fabrics. These materials not only offer a visually stunning aesthetic but also provide a sense of warmth and comfort to those on board.

One notable example of a yacht that made a statement with its luxury materials is the mega yacht Savannah, designed by award-winning designer Giorgio M. Cassetta in collaboration with Feadship. This vessel debuted in 2015 and has since become one of the most iconic yachts in the world, thanks to its innovative use of materials such as glass, sustainable teak, and metallic finishes that add a touch of modern elegance to the interior.

Embracing Fine Fabrics and Textures

When it comes to yacht interior design, the use of fine fabrics and textures plays a crucial role in creating a luxurious and inviting atmosphere. Yachts are often seen as floating palaces, and the choice of textiles can make a big statement about the overall design aesthetic.

Designer John Fotiadis has been experimenting with a range of creative fabrics and textures to further enhance the mood on board. In one case, he used textured furnishings in neutral colours to create a calm and sophisticated atmosphere in the guest rooms. The use of different fabrics, such as silk, velvet, and linen, adds depth and richness to the decor, making guests feel like they are staying in a high-end boutique hotel.

One of the key trends in yacht interior design is the use of innovative fabrics that offer both style and functionality. Many designers are now incorporating high-tech materials that are easy to clean and maintain, such as stain-resistant textiles and antibacterial finishes. These materials not only look great but also help to keep the yacht looking pristine throughout its journey.

Sustainable Solutions

Neutral tones and wooden materials are becoming increasingly popular in yacht design, with many yachts featuring a series of wooden furnishings and textured surfaces that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. In recent years, there has been a move towards more sustainable design choices, with designers opting for eco-friendly materials such as recycled wood and other sustainable alternatives. This trend is part of a larger movement in the yachting industry towards greener and more environmentally friendly practices.

One example of sustainability in yacht design is the use of recycled wood for flooring, furniture, and other design elements. Some yacht builders have also debuted eco-friendly features such as smart lighting systems that adjust to natural light conditions, reducing energy consumption. Additionally, designers are exploring new ways to integrate sustainable materials into their designs while still maintaining the luxurious aesthetics that yachting enthusiasts have come to expect.

It is worth noting that sustainability is not just a trend in yacht design but a necessary consideration for the future of yachting. By incorporating eco-friendly design choices into their projects, designers can help reduce the environmental impact of the yachting industry while still delivering exceptional designs that delight yacht owners and guests alike.

Eco-Friendly Design Choices

When it comes to yacht interior design, the trend of eco-friendly choices is gaining momentum. Yachts are now being designed with a focus on sustainability, using materials that have minimal impact on the environment. One of the main benefits of eco-friendly design choices is that they show a commitment to maintaining the delicate balance of our oceans and marine life.

Lighting is also a key aspect of eco-friendly yacht design. LED lighting, for example, not only consumes less energy but also lasts longer than traditional lighting options. By incorporating eco-friendly lighting solutions, yacht owners can create a luxurious and sustainable environment on board.

Another feature that has been seen in eco-friendly yacht designs is the use of sustainable materials such as wood. Some yacht designers, like Alexander Fotiadis, have delivered award-winning designs that feature elegant wooden finishes throughout the yacht. These designs make a statement by combining the aesthetics of the past with the sustainable materials of the present.

For example, wooden surfaces can be used in the guest rooms, on the foredeck, or even in the swimming pool area, creating a mood of elegance and sophistication. By experimenting with different textures and finishes, designers can create unique and eco-friendly spaces that appeal to both the guests and the environment.

In some cases, eco-friendly design choices also include the use of smart technology, such as screens that display real-time data on energy consumption or eco-friendly practices. By incorporating these features, yacht owners can ensure that their vessel is not only luxurious but also environmentally conscious.

Showcasing Yacht Designer Giorgio M. Cassetta’s Smart Technology Integration

When it comes to smart technology integration in yacht interiors, Giorgio M. Cassetta is at the forefront. His designs not only feature luxurious furnishings and neutral tones but also incorporate the latest technological advancements to enhance the overall experience onboard.

Cassetta’s latest series of designs includes state-of-the-art touchscreen control panels, interactive surfaces, and smart lighting systems that can be adjusted to create the perfect mood for any occasion. These innovations have truly set a new standard in modern yacht design, offering both style and functionality in one seamless package.

One of the key features of Cassetta’s smart technology integration is the seamless connectivity between different parts of the yacht. From the foredeck to the main living areas, every room is equipped with smart screens that provide easy access to controls for lighting, temperature, and entertainment systems.

By incorporating smart technology into the design of his interiors, Cassetta has revolutionized the way we experience yachting. With their innovative features and attention to detail, his designs have been delivering the highest levels of comfort and convenience for many years, setting new trends in the industry and ensuring that luxury yachts remain at the cutting edge of design.

Automation and Connectivity Innovations

In the world of yacht interior design, automation and connectivity innovations are playing a crucial role in enhancing the onboard experience for owners and guests alike. Yachts are no longer just luxury vessels; they are smart homes on water. With the latest advancements in technology, yacht owners can now control various systems onboard, such as lighting, climate control, entertainment systems, and security, with a simple touch of a button or even voice commands.

One of the key benefits of automation systems on yachts is the ability to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion or mood. Imagine being able to change the lighting and music in the dining area to create a romantic setting for a candlelit dinner or adjusting the temperature and lighting in the staterooms for a cozy movie night. Automation systems offer endless possibilities for customization and convenience.

A Complete Furnishings Range in Neutral Tones

When it comes to yacht interior design trends, one key statement has been the use of a complete furnishings range in neutral tones. Renowned designer, Costas Fotiadis, has been at the forefront of this trend, delivering elegant and luxurious interiors that showcase the benefits of neutral tones.

Some of his most recent designs have seen luxurious timber finishes and sustainable materials used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. In his latest project, the Savannah Yacht, Fotiadis has challenged the norms of yacht design by offering a range of eco-friendly furnishings in neutral tones.

The neutral color palette allows for a calming and sophisticated aesthetic, while also providing a blank canvas for experimenting with pops of color and unique details. This trend has been seen in yacht rooms around the world, where designers are opting for understated elegance and timeless finishes.


1. Neutral color palette4. Elegant timber finishes
2. Sustainable materials5. Understated elegance
3. Blank canvas for experimentation6. Timeless and luxurious finishes

Savannah: Luxurious Yacht Interiors

The Savannah is a true statement of luxurious yacht interiors, challenging the design conventions of earlier international yacht models. With its innovative features and eco-friendly design, this vessel offers a complete range of design options to satisfy even the most demanding guests.

One of the key features of the Savannah is its use of oyster tones and elegant colours to create a sophisticated atmosphere. The use of timber surfaces and fine fabrics further enhance the beauty of the interiors, delivering both style and comfort.

The largest vessel in the series, the Savannah boasts spacious rooms with ample natural lighting, thanks to its large windows. The choice of furnishings and lighting fixtures is carefully curated to create an elegant and welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Fotiadis Design is known for their innovative and eco-friendly approach to yacht design, and the Savannah is no exception. The use of sustainable materials and smart technology integration further sets this vessel apart from its competitors.

In summary, the Savannah offers a unique touch of luxury and sophistication, combining elegant design with practicality. Whether you’re looking to relax in the swimming pool or enjoy a meal in the elegant dining room, the Savannah has something to offer for every guest.

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